The goal of BRAX is to associate a differentiated service of Engineering and business administration consultancy with representation.

As consultants, we look for to provide solutions to problems involving the development from design through production, always envisaging the maximum efficiency of the industrial processes.

As representatives we look for to identify the needs for a particular service, product or equipment and seek the resources of technology and quality, so that we can implement the solutions proposed and agreed upon with the client, so we can provide the right product at the right time to meet the needs of the end customer and to make the follow-up of the after-sales services, products and equipment proposed.

To perform these targets, the BRAX counts on with its largest foundation: knowledge of the market. The founding partner of BRAX is graduated in Chemical Engineering and MBA with over 40 years experience in providing services to Petrobras, as well as for the largest Brazilian Contractors and Industry, through design, construction and project management of refineries, petrochemicals industries, pipelines, offshore platforms and modules for oil production.

Over the last 20 years he has been representing National and foreign companies serving various sectors of the supply chain of Petrobras